Dear EBAN members and friends,

I’m sure that during last months, not to mention days, you have been inundated with news regarding my country, Greece.

As an EBAN member and an active angel investor, I just wanted to share with you a positive glimpse from the local entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem, which was scheduled at a time of political and social turmoil for my country.

On July 1st, in the middle of a miserable week for Greece, with people queuing in banks and super markets and business activities have being completely paralyzed, I had the opportunity to participate in an event, which managed in just three hours, to make me continue to believe that the Greek entrepreneurial and investment community is still here……

MITEF Greece (the local branch of MIT Enterprise Forum, which promotes young entrepreneurs organized their “Finals & Awards Ceremony” for their 10 semi finalists at the NCSR Demokritos (National Centre for Scientific Research). That was the final part of “MITEF Greece Startup Competition”, which has been initiated in January 2015 (

Among the three winners, there were two companies from biotech & medicine sector, namely 

RTsafe, which has developed an innovating technology / methodology for a patient-specific quality assurance process in radiation oncology (1st prize) 

and tomoTECH, a dynamic and innovative cloud-based software service for the processing of 3 different MRI exams (3rd prize), 

as well as, an Internet & Web company, reportbrain, which automatically collects, cleans, analyses and stores information so that it will be retrievable by their clients faster (2nd prize). 

Brilliant minds, wonderful ideas, innovative solutions….. 

To make a long story short, no matter what you hear about us, there are still a few young and ambitious Greek entrepreneurs, with admirable academic background, courage and innovative spirit that they deserve their own place among the prosperous human capital of the European Union! 

Kind regards, 

Maria P. Hala