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Why do we need to support female-led startups:

The current global entrepreneurial ecosystem


Only 17% of world’s startups currently have a female founder.

Boston Consulting Group

Although female-led startups receive only 2% of VC global funding, they return 78cents per dollar invested versus 31cents in male-led startups.

Kauffman Foundation

Women-led startups are more capital-efficient: they bring 20% more revenue vs their counterpart, with half of the money.

JoinHERbusiness is a Team of investment professionals that help female-led entrepreneurs achieve the goals of their journey

– Maria Hala

Are you an ambitious female entrepreneur who needs the feed-back of a female business expert?

We follow your journey

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We advise female entrepreneurs


We train women business founders


We are focused on how to help women business

JoinHerBusiness provides entrepreneurial advisory to female founded startups and to female founded SMEs

We are focused on businesses that are either female founded or there is one at least female member among the founders’ team.