Business Coaching

How to…

One – on – one business coaching fits perfectly to the profile of woman entrepreneur.


your company is at a critical crossroad and you need an expert next to you


you don’t have time to spend on extra educational courses


you need private consulting and guidance

Areas to cover

Through our business coaching sessions we provide an expert advice on:

Your business strategy

Size and growth of your market. Your venture’s unique selling point at the specific environment. Who are your competitors, what’s competitive advantage through your value proposition and the barriers to entry?

Well, we put down your KPIs and we scrutinize your implementation plans and future goals.

Your business marketing

Have you defined your customer? What about your brand strategy? Are you sure you communicate, price and distribute your product / service in the most efficient way?

Our partners are here to short it out for you!!

Your business finances

From the basics of putting down the numbers in an excel spreadsheets, in terms of costs, revenue streams, sales forecasts till developing your own P&L and your company’s business model, we are here to help you thrive!!

Together, we assess your company’s capabilities and needs, while we spot the main financial obstacles and we provide you solutions to overcome them.

Your business operations

Your Team is the most important asset of your company. They will execute it or they will destroy it….So, be sure that you have picked up the best ones! We provide you the tools to communicate them your business model and train them accordingly. 

In case you missed any of these, we are here to help you!

” How to spot people with talent and passion and unite them around a bigger vision. This is – and always will be – the most important thing in building a great company. “