Through a 10am – 4 pm online workshop session, you have the opportunity as a member of a small group of seven to eight women business owners to learn and challenge


  • specific businesses themes
  • specific industries of common interest

Workshops take place once per month and themes will be covered include:

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing approaching
  • Accounting issues
  • Law for small firms
  • Sales and Human resource guidance


Do you want to increase your sales and revenues, but you are not sure what should you do about it?

Our team of strategists and accountants are here to help you and find the best possible options for your business.

Do you want to find out how Covid-19 has affected your sector and your clients purchasing perspective? Are you looking for measures to handle this urgent situation?

We discuss together the strategy you should follow in the current situation.

Do you wish to collaborate with women entrepreneurs with business at the same stage of growth with you and find out how they face their day to day problems?

You will find yourself more confident and productive, when sharing the same obstacles and challenges with women of similar background.

Do you wish to be part of a business coaching workshop customized for women entrepreneurs, by women professionals?

Women go through different challenges that are often an important obstacle throughout their career. Business coached by women professionals may end up being more effective.

Do you wish to find the best strategies to scale up your business?

We can help through all the different stages of your business, from startup to scale up!

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